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When you’re making decisions, you want to know that your choices maintain and increase profitability for your business. Analyzing and projecting your profitability levels doesn’t have to be time-consuming guesswork. When you have Prophix to support your efforts, you can evaluate your business’ profitability and gain new insight into the impact of your decisions. With Prophix, you can quickly and effortlessly evaluate the crucial profitability measures at the individual product level, product line or even by projects… there is no limit.

Boost Accountability

Using Prophix, you have increased accountability into both overall performance and performance at a departmental level. Using these profitability insights, you can determine things like which products, services, channels, or customers you should maintain, adjust, or discontinue. And, you’re empowered to quickly deliver precise information for faster decision making.

Reduce Costs

If you’re looking for ways to effectively reduce costs and optimize performance, Prophix’s profitability analysis features are your strongest tools. You can identify how direct and indirect costs are assigned to products, customers, services, and distribution channels. Based on those insights, you can pinpoint which costs can be reduced and where profitability can be enhanced.

Plan for the Future

Most importantly, profitability analysis tools can help you evaluate ways to change your business for improved profitability, and analyze the impacts that potential adjustments may have. For example, you can answer questions like, do we have capacity to increase the production of a specific item and how much will it cost? These observations help you put your business on the best course for the future.


Can your software leverage cost allocations to produce sku-level product profitability analysis?

Yes. Prophix supports the ability to allocate your product costs and generate sku-level profitability reports. For example, you can allocate costs to the different product based on historic results, similar product or seasonal trends. On top of that, you can also adjust your price per unit using three different scenarios, and view the effects of these changes in one report.

Can your product handle multiple revenue and expense plans to produce different profitability scenarios?

Yes. Prophix gives you complete control in your reports, including the ability to produce different profitability scenarios based on multiple revenue and expense plans. For example, you can create a report based on last year’s actuals, one with a 10% increase in expenses, and one with a 15% increase in revenue and compare them all simultaneously.

Can you display top 5/top 10 most profitable stores in a chart or dashboard?

Yes. You can quickly create your own charts and dashboards tailored to your exact needs. For example, using Dashboard Studio you can create a chart that will pull profit data from all your stores and display the list of the most profitable stores on your dashboard. Since the charts are directly linked to your data, results are live and will also show you the most up-to-date information.

[Prophix] really gives you the ability to budget at an individual person level. So, you can actually calculate telephone expense, salary expense, automobile expense at a very detailed level, which then can be aggregated up.


Want to see our profitability analysis solution in action?

With Prophix, you’ll be putting a whole new level of insight into your business profitability. This instantaneous view of your business and how you’re operating empowers you to know exactly where improvements can be made. Discover How Prophix Maximizes Your Profitability

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