Expert Advice for Dynamic, Engaging Finance Presentations

Finance data is the input that fuels crucial business decisions. It’s the lifeblood of a successful organization. So why do finance presentations have a reputation for being dry, overly technical, or boring?

Your presentations should keep people engaged, encourage interactivity, and leave your audience ready to take action.

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Bringing Data to Life through Storytelling

Jennifer Warawa, Executive VP of Partners, Accountants & Alliances at Sage, Keynote Speaker

Jennifer is a graduate of Harvard Business School with over two decades of experience in finance, accounting and consulting.



Fitting Your Presentation to Your Audience

Blair Cook, CFO at Horizon Maritime & Mara Renewables Corporation, Founder & Partner Executive Finance PArtners Inc.

Blair is a 7-time CFO who also serves as Corporate Director for TerraVest Industries, Inc. and Clarke Inc.


Tailoring Presentations to Engage the C-Suite

Jack McCullough, President of the CFO Leadership Council, Founder & Chair of the MIT Sloan CFO Summit

Jack educates and elevates CFOs around the country through his work with the CFO Leadership Council.



Adding Polish & Public Speaking Prowess to Presentations

Jonathan Roomer, Co-Founder & CFO at yulife, Keynote Speaker

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur whose latest endeavor, yulife, is the world’s first “lifestyle insurance company.”

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