Unify your financial data to accelerate data-driven decisions

Unify data sources

Centralizing all your financial data into a single unified system provides a holistic view of your company performance, so you can generate insights. With tight and secure integrations that are ideal for connecting to your accounting, ERP, CRM, and HRIS systemsProphix keeps your data secure, encrypted, and available 24/7.

Accelerate time to value

Pre-built connectors and APIs simplify and streamline new implementations, enabling faster time to value. When your business adds or transitions to a new business system, establishing a connection is a quick process. Integrating with a new ERP system is as simple as installing an ERP Connector, or you can use our API to connect with almost any other business system.

Reduce reliance on IT

Take control of your financial data with Prophix’s intuitive data integration web interface. It is designed to make it easy for Prophix Admins to quickly add and manage data integrations with your business systems without needing to call on IT. Integrations are simple to set up and don’t rely on complex coding or reliance on costly third-party solutions. And once you’ve established a link to your data sources, it’s pretty much set and forget!

Simplified integrations to data that drive your business

Free up employees to focus on value creation.

Trust your data is reliable and accurate.

Feel assured that you are working with the latest data.

Gain business insights in real-time.

A solution for every leader

Chief Financial Officer

Provide data clarity to empower your organization to drive financial performance and be prepared for the road ahead.

Chief Information Officer

Gain visibility and control of your financial data in a secure, world class technology platform.


Automate processes and unlock your analytical mind with on-demand analysis and monitoring of cash flows.

Made for finance leaders

Discover our platform and unlock your potential for successs.

Automate reconciliation, consolidation, and reporting to shrink-close windows, with greater accuracy.

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Streamline close windows by eliminating manual processes and automating recurring ones.

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Unleash the power of your data and draw more accurate conclusions with self-serve reporting and analysis tools.

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Optimize financial performance with a platform designed by finance professionals for finance professionals.

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Achieve a higher level of business intelligence by adding comprehensive financial data sets.

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Frequently asked questions

Prophix integrates with almost any ERP system through the use of pre-built connectors, a flexible API, or flat files, if needed.

Prophix has its own solution called DI Studio which is purpose-built to easily connect the Prophix financial performance platform to other business systems like ERPs, HRIS and CRMs without the need for 3rd party integration vendors.

Yes! Prophix Admins can easily manage or add new connections through an intuitive user interface. 

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