Personnel Planning: Plan for Your Most Important Resource

Collaborative, Secure Personnel Planning

Your employees are your business’ greatest asset, and also one of the most substantial expenses. Since payroll often accounts for the majority of a company’s operating expenses, it’s crucial that you have the power to evaluate, review, and analyze how your employees impact your business finances. With Prophix personnel planning software, you have the ease of using spreadsheets while taking advantage of a more advanced, accurate personnel planning solution. Learn how using Prophix in your personnel planning efforts can help your business reach peak profitability when it comes to your workforce.

Capture Cost Insight

Because your employee salaries are one of your largest expenses, it’s crucial that you gauge their impact on your finances. Prophix personnel planning capabilities reveal the impact of personnel on consolidated profit and loss statements, while incorporating variables like taxes, benefits, transfers, position changes, restructuring, commission, bonuses, and incentive planning.

Protect Employee Data

Human resource teams have access to sensitive employee data, so you want to ensure that you use solutions that keep data safe. Prophix enables you to set granular access controls at the user level to maintain data security. You can rest easy knowing that only approved users can access salary information and other personal data.

Save Time With Automation

Making changes to your personnel plans can be tedious and time consuming. Now, with Prophix, automation is your greatest tool for increasing HR team productivity. Important calculations, including payroll taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA), bonuses, salary adjustments, and fringe benefits are all automated for a more efficient planning process.

Centralize Calculations

Spreadsheets and basic human resource management systems (HRMS) are limited in their ability to calculate the impact of changes to payroll or personnel. With Prophix, all of your calculations are centralized into a single solution. For example, if you change your 401(k) policy, you only need to change a single calculation to see the impact across your entire organization.

Payroll Integration

When you adopt Prophix, you won’t experience a slump in productivity as you add existing data. You can hit the ground running since Prophix directly links with external payroll systems to prepopulate personnel data and correlate personnel plans with actual data for variance reporting.

Enhance Accountability

Prophix allows you to hold department managers accountable by streamlining the payroll planning process. For maximum efficiency, you can incorporate manager input into your workflow, designating it as essential to a project’s progress.

Single Storage Solution

Using different payroll or personnel solutions makes it nearly impossible to see data in real time. Prophix gives you the power to store and align detailed personnel information all on a single platform. Centralized personnel information also plays a key role in the unification of company-wide reporting.


Can a person be placed on a planned leave of absence at any point during the year?

Yes. The Detail Planning Manager lets you create Actions to automate changes in your personnel. For example, you can enter an employee’s start and end date for maternity leave, and Prophix will automatically adjust all elements in their profile for that period, then automatically revert them back at the end of the leave.

Can a resource cost be split between multiple departments on a month-by-month basis?

Yes. Prophix supports allocating expenses between departments on a month by month basis. For example, if an employee is backfilling for a position in a different department for three months, his or her salary can be distributed accordingly between the departments.

Does Prophix have the ability to offer multi-tiered benefit plan selections at the employee level?

Yes. Prophix supports benefit calculations that utilize different rates for different employees. For example, when a new employee is hired and allocated to your budget, you can select the appropriate benefit tier and the costs associated will automatically populate across your budget.

[Prophix] really gives you the ability to budget at an individual person level. So, you can actually calculate telephone expense, salary expense, automobile expense at a very detailed level, which then can be aggregated up.


Want to see our personnel planning solution in action?

Make your employees your most powerful resource. With Prophix, you can plan and identify how best to use your workforce for a more productive business. And, you’ll save your HR team hours of work in the process.

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