"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Peter Drucker
Author, Educator, Management Consultant

When you walk into your home, you instantly take in information that tells you whether it’s safe and cozy. You feel whether the temperature is too hot or too cold; you sense familiar or unusual smells; you listen for welcoming or unfamiliar sounds; and you notice the presence or absence of comforting objects. In short, you determine if your home is performing the way it should be.

Ambitious organizations have a similar goal: ‘get a read’ on their overall business performance. However, when an organization offers dozens of products/services, oversees hundreds of projects, employs hundreds or thousands of people, and operates in multiple locations, getting an accurate and comprehensive view on its performance is complicated.

That’s where a CPM software, like that offered by Prophix, comes in.

A CPM software begins by allowing an organization’s finance leaders to assess its business performance along whatever dimensions are important to their success. Then it provides insights so that business leaders can anticipate and optimize the performance of their organization. As a result, businesses that use CPM software have an increased ability to create the future they want.

Prophix is, in part, defined by its customers. See a sample of the ambitious, growth-focused organizations from around the globe – spanning every industry that Prophix serves.

You can also watch a video of how Prophix helps Feeding America – a non-profit that feeds more than 46 million people per year.

Because it is also shaped by the many communities around the globe of which it is a part, Prophix actively leads several corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Prophix’s CSR projects have included: providing shelter for the homeless and adopting a Kenyan village.

Prophix is made stronger by a broad network of partners – including strategic alliances, value added re-sellers, and enthusiastic referral sources.

See why great companies around the globe choose to partner with Prophix.

Prophix’s employees have a tremendous impact on its corporate culture and success.

Meet some of Prophix’s team members.

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