"Prophix's software makes my life easier - pure and simple. It has the functionality that I need to do my day-to-day finance tasks and improves how we work as a Finance department."

Jason Norman
Senior Financial Analyst - Park Dental/The Dental Specialists

As a Financial Analyst, you are on the frontline of your organization’s finance activities. You have to effectively conduct day-to-day finance tasks within tight timelines and with limited resources.

To be as successful as possible – while supporting your Manager/Director – you need to get things done quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Prophix’s software helps you perform your tasks by addressing Analysts’ most pressing challenges, specifically finding ways to: Plan better for the future; Reduce business risks and Improve operational efficiencies.

Solarcentury uses Prophix’s software to determine how best to expand their rapidly growing operations. To do so, Solarcentury calculates the profitability of its sales channels and product offerings, (including solar farms and rooftop solar installations) in locations spread across three continents. As a result, Solarcentury has expanded operations in those regions that have the highest sales forecasted over multiple years.

Skanska USA Building, a leading provider of world-class construction services with over $4.6 billion in annual revenue, reduces their business risk by using Prophix’s software to automate their overhead budgeting and reporting – thereby increasing the accuracy and timeliness across 25+ department reports that detail the expenses of Skanska’s construction mega-projects.

By using Prophix’s software, Interstates Companies dramatically improved its operational efficiencies in their Finance Department and beyond. For example, they have reduced the time required to complete budgeting preparation by over 90%. They also use Prophix’s software to set prices and help determine what projects to bid on.

As a result of automating budgeting processes, Interstates Companies – which have 600+ employees and annual revenues of over $100 million – has shifted their Finance Department’s focus from working with Excel on manual budgeting to conducting detailed analysis.

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