"Prophix's software helps us make better, faster, and more reliable business decisions. At the same time, Prophix's on-going support is outstanding. Working with Prophix is like having our own secret weapon."

Trevor Booth
Budget & GL Manager - Neogen Corporation

As the Finance Manager/Director, you do more than prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and forecasts. You need to find and implement activities that maximize profits. Meanwhile, your CFO/VP of Finance counts on you to recommend strategies to reduce costs.

Prophix software helps you implement the changes you need, addressing Managers/Directors’ most pressing challenges, specifically finding ways to: Plan better for the future; Improve budgets and budgeting processes; Improve operational efficiencies, Reduce business risks, and Harness data from across the organization.

Feeding America is a nationwide collection of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries that leads the fight against hunger throughout the United States. Feeding America uses Prophix’s software to constantly improve their planning – taking into consideration factors such as rapidly fluctuating food inventories – to bring meals to 46 million people per year. At the same time, Feeding America can demonstrate the impact of the donations they receive which dramatically increases donor confidence and good will.

Community Physician Network (CPN) used Prophix’s software to reduce their budget cycle time from 5 months to 2 months. Now CPN automatically: sends budgeting templates to their sites; tracks submissions, deadlines, and management approvals; and consolidates data. By improving their budgeting process, CPN better tracks service volumes, and assesses their revenues from insurance providers and accounts paid via Medicaid/Medicare. As a result, they accurately calculate physician productivity and compensation.

By using Prophix’s software, Interstates Companies improved its operational efficiencies in their Finance Department and beyond. They have reduced the time required to complete budgeting preparation by over 90%. They also use Prophix’s software to set prices and help determine what projects to bid on.

As a result of automating budgeting processes, Interstates Companies – which has 600+ employees and annual revenues of over $100 million – has shifted their Finance Department’s focus from working with Excel on manual budgeting to conducting detailed analysis.

AAA Northeast, with over 5 million members, uses Prophix’s software to reduce business risks by monitoring and responding to key performance indicators, including: customer satisfaction scores, roadside assistance response times, renewal rates, growth rates, and operating income. The Finance team provides this information to executives with enough lead team so that it can be acted upon. The Finance team also uses Prophix’s software to identify required revenues or cost reductions for keeping membership fees level, the impact on profitability of opening a new location, and the effect of payroll and benefits changes to the bottom line.

Neogen Corporation, Neogen Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing and marketing food and animal safety products, harnesses data from across their organization by using Prophix’s software to optimize their sales performance. That’s because sales data residing in Neogen’s ERP system automatically reports on sales trends, targets, and volumes in Prophix’s software.

At the same time, by automating their budgeting process, NeoGen clarified the company’s growth potential, influencing them to increase their global sales presence by 40% in the areas of testing for listeria, salmonella, and allergens.

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