"Regardless of your business or the industry in which you operate, when you conduct strategic planning, turn to Prophix's software. It has proven itself to be a critical tool for me when making decisions that shape our organization's strategic direction."

Richard Pacheco II
CPA, Vice President, Finance & Administration - AAA Northeast

As the CFO/VP of Finance, you are accountable for your organization’s past and present financial situation. In addition, you are the architect shaping its financial future.

Every day you oversee internal financial controls, manage projects that have major financial impact, cultivate relationships with external sources of financing and drive major strategic initiatives. Prophix’s software helps you address your most pressing challenges, specifically finding ways to: Reduce business risks; Harness data from across the organization; and Increase shareholder value.

Health Solutions reduces their business risk by using Prophix’s software to outline their current and projected service levels. With this accurate data, Health Solutions secures grants from the State and Medicaid funds, which are its primary sources of funding. Health Solutions also analyzes data to understand which services are the most effective and most profitable. By leveraging this data, Health Solutions’ Finance team ensures the organization effectively fulfills its mission of providing exceptional healthcare services.

Coleman Cable is among the hundreds of companies across industries that uses Prophix software to harness data from across their organization. By capturing and modelling raw material costs, labor efficiencies, and machinery production considerations, Coleman Cable improved decision making and realized tangible cost savings.

PARTEQ Innovations increases shareholder value by using Prophix’s software to accurately forecast the revenues from the hundreds of active license agreements it manages. Then, armed with forecasts that accurately factor in changing market conditions, PARTEQ Innovations helps its clients secure venture capital and other funding.

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