Profitability Forecasting for Utility Providers

Manage Changing Regulations & Price Volatility While Keeping an Eye on Profits

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"Prophix is OMU’s go-to application for automating our budgeting, budget reporting, and capital expenditures planning. Since we implemented the software, we have come to rely on its power and dependability."

Owensboro Municipal Utilities J. Lynn Holland, Director of Finance & Accounting

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The modern consumer is savvy about how much and the kind of power they use. It is essential for utility companies to harness the power of data to drive efficiencies, remain profitable and foster customer loyalty.

Prophix enables your office of finance to produce brilliant insights into your business quickly and easily. Imagine: no more wading through data silos or doing the heavy lifting of aggregating data sources through spreadsheets. You can complete operating budgets faster and more accurately and seamlessly align your capital projects with your financial plans. Spend your time instead analyzing your data and budgets to create the insight necessary to tighten operating margins and maximize your business.


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South East Water

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What if one platform gave you the insight you need to forecast costs and maximize profitability?

Our profitability analysis software allows utility companies to explore the impact on billings, costs and margins by changing variables or using different cost allocation assumptions. Using what-if scenarios, assess what consumption levels and billings would be like if it’s expected to be a hot summer.

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What if budgeting and reporting were a breeze?

Our intuitive, drag-and-drop reporting lets you easily move accounts or rollups to reflect various hierarchies for different reporting needs of management, board and regulatory bodies. Use advanced modeling capabilities to effortlessly model, plan and forecast OpEX and CapEX budgets across your generation, transmission, distribution and retail operations.


What if your operating profitability reporting could be automated?

Use revenue drivers that can be measured in different units (such as kilowatt hours or tons), reflect peak time rates or off-peak time rates and vary according to geography or type of customer. Use capital expense centers that take into consideration peaks and valleys of demand, capacity and safety. Automatically combine the two into relevant and timely reports that better enable you to decisively act on the data.

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What if it were easy to see the utilization of both labour and equipment?

With self-service dashboards and drill-down capabilities, Prophix gives corporate or field managers access to timely and actionable financial and operational data. Allow plant managers to better manage projects, costs, capital, and outages through visual analytics and real-time KPI’s that measure project profit margins, net generation, system availability, peak load, consumption and downtime.

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Our unified performance management software automates the management of all your data from finance, sales and production systems. Creating and managing this single source of financial truth helps utility companies automate reporting, streamline budgeting and planning processes and improve analytics, to better manage production, capital deployment, customer service and regulations.