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"We used to email over 250 Excel files back and forth during our overhead planning processes. We recognized that this was unsustainable. Prophix gave us a solution that is scalable to our business, works with multiple ERPs, is manageable for the Finance team with minimal IT involvement, and has proven to be extremely cost-effective."

Skanska USA Building - Dan DeRooy, Director of Financial Reporting

Questions You Should Consider

How do you solve the age-old professional services problem of balancing personnel resources with customer expectations?

And how do you stay on top of maintaining revenue and maximizing the profitability of the business at the same time?

With our unified software, personnel planning is fully integrated with your P&L, allowing you to carefully plan headcount and streamline your complex financial planning processes.

We’d love to show you how.

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Greatly reduce your costs & save time on planning and modelling

Streamline and automate your forecasts by using driver-based modeling in Prophix. Analyze scenarios and see how assumptions, like billable utilization, impact your revenue plans and forecasts. Greatly reduce the time costs of planning and modelling.

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What if KPIs were just a click away?

Gain insight into project benchmarks and KPI’s like project yields, margins and billable utilization with self-service dashboards that are automatically updated by time-keeping systems. Analyze employee utilization metrics and empower practice leaders to leverage employee resources better.

KPI Dashboard

Quickly and easily adjust budgets and plans

With a single source of the truth, you can complete project plans and budgets faster. Deliver comparative actuals and ensure financial and operational consistency across budgets, plans and reporting.

Variance Report

Easily visualize trends by client, practice or project

Uncover powerful insights and quickly see changes and trends by employee, project, client or practice through stunning visual analytics. With one click, partners, practice directors or project managers can understand the data with charts and graphs and drill down into the details.

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Automated financial reporting helps create operating efficiency in professional services organizations

Successful service companies strike a fine balance between optimizing resources and maintaining an adequate level of excess capacity. With Prophix unified performance management solutions, personnel planning is integrated with your P&L, enabling practice managers to analyze key metrics such as employee utilization and project contribution margins, and to use this information to carefully plan headcount and realize maximum efficiency.

Build better plans with Prophix.