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"Our Finance Department was stuck in 'spreadsheet hell.' Today, with the help of Prophix's software, we have an impressive rolling forecast, we report at the local, regional, and group levels easily, our reports distribute automatically, and we conduct advanced revenue planning for all of our market segments."

SI Group - Janice Butler, Director, Global Management Reporting & Forecasting

Consider this for a moment

What if there was an easier way to streamline supply chain management and the budgeting processes?

Prophix combines operational planning with financial planning to give you a window into how operating decisions will influence your cash flow. Keep profitability, revenue, supply and production in sync with our unified platform.


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What if you could manage your supply chain, production line, and inventory in concert with each other?

Use Prophix to create interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities so you can perform profitability analysis by product, by project, or by customer. Drill into any level of detail and make in-the-moment decisions by adjusting production and inventory levels, resource allocations and customer fulfillment, to name a few.


KPI Dashboard

What if Reconciling Production Schedules with Sales Forecasts was a Breeze?

Combine operational, revenue and personnel planning into a single consolidated production schedule. Produce sales forecasts based on updated production capacity, adjust human resource requirements in line with revised production schedules, and calculate product costs based on most recent material pricing – all with a direct link to show immediate impact on your financial performance right inside your P&L.

Variance Report

Model ‘what-if’ scenarios as part of your budgeting cycle

Optimize production capacity, inventory planning and resource utilization with multi-dimensional business models and the ability to play out “what if” scenarios. Track, measure and monitor costs against key business drivers and make intelligent choices to manage costs and drive production.



Prophix Screenshot: visuals

What if you could give stakeholders the answers they need when they need them?

Prophix easily aggregates actual and forecast data from your ERP, GL, production systems, and sales automation software and automatically populate the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements. Automating the creation and distribution of your financial data accelerates reporting and close processes and makes collaboration easier between operations and finance. Give key stakeholders the answers they need when they need them.

Complex Workflow

A New Tool in Your Financial Operating Toolbox

Managing your supply chain is a challenge you can rise to. Reduce time-to-market and deliver quality products to optimize your production, reduce manufacturing costs and improve profitability. We can help.

Prophix’s unified performance management software marries operational planning with financial planning and empowers the Office of Finance. Analyze all aspects of the manufacturing process and get a complete picture of your business’ performance.  See the impact of operational decisions on cash flow, profitability, and revenue. Ensure supply and production is always in sync with demand.