Fall is here!

It’s time to cozy up and enjoy the season with warm drinks, sweaters and comfy socks. While the weather has been getting cooler, we’ve been turning up the heat with some exciting, new features in our Fall 2020 product release.

What’s New in the Fall 2020 Release?

Prophix Analyzer Enhancements

Prophix Analyzer is part of the Prophix for Microsoft® 365 bundle. Open your Prophix data in Excel® and can enjoy the flexibility spreadsheets provide, while also maintaining a secure and controlled environment for your data. Whether you want to improve the performance of your proprietary Excel financial models with a centralized data source, leverage advanced Excel features such as Solver or Analysis ToolPak, or you just prefer the comfort and familiarity of Excel, Prophix Analyzer has you covered.

Edit Layout

In this release, a new feature called Edit Layout makes it easy to change the structure of a Prophix Data View while using Microsoft Excel. This provides Excel users with flexibility previously found only in the Prophix Web Client to simplify the selection of page members and structures without having to start from scratch. This saves time and improves the usability of Excel when working with Prophix data.

Prophix Analyzer Edit Layout

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Delete Data View

A new feature called Delete Data View makes it easy to remove a Prophix Data View without affecting other important information in your Excel worksheet, saving you valuable time.

Prophix analyzer delete data view

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Select Page Member Display Format

Rounding out the enhancements to Prophix Analyzer is a new feature called Select Page Member Display Format. It makes working with Prophix data in Analyzer even more customizable. You can update a date semantic from a Key of “2020M11” to a more natural label name like “November”. This new feature, coupled our new Edit Layout functionality, lets you quickly and easily alter the display of dimension members without creating an entirely new data view.

Prophix Analyzer Select Page Member Display Format

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All these new enhancements bring more Prophix features to Excel, eliminating the need to return to Prophix to perform them. If you are a Prophix user using Excel, you’ll appreciate the added flexibility and convenience.

Dashboard Usability Enhancements – Create page Member Filter

Dashboards continue to get more intuitive and quicker to setup with each product release. Create a Page Member Filter in Dashboard Studio to group together Chart and Badge tiles. Easily change the data that is displayed on group tiles to view different filters such as department, account, and more with a simple click.

dashboard usability enhancements group by department

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Document Explorer Enhancements – Additional File Type Support

Document Explorer now supports more file types. Added support for Weblinks makes accessing other business systems and webpages quicker and easier. This provides users with easy access to important items like business partner or supply chain webpages with a single click. Smart Client users will be happy to hear their Bookmarks naturally carry over into the Prophix Cloud Web Client.

In addition, there is now extended support for downloading “read only” external files such as Excel, Word, PDF, and more. For added convenience, you can favorite files for faster access from Prophix Dashboards when you need them.

Prophix Document Explorer Enhancements Additional File Support

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Notification Hub Enhancements – Added Language Support

Stay better informed with real-time updates from the Notifications Hub. The Notifications Hub is a new window in Prophix Cloud that displays the status of processes and messages.

In this release, the Notifications Hub adds language support for announcements, notifications, and emails sent in any supported Prophix language.

Notification hub enhancements language support Spanish

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These new capabilities, combined with additional improvements to Data Integration Services and further usability improvements, are designed to continue to transform the way our customers budget, plan, and report.

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