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Trends, Benchmarks, Opportunities

The results of FP&A Empowerment: Technology and Trends survey incorporate the experiences and insights of over 300 FP&A and Finance leaders from across the globe relative to: how companies are leveraging technology, the maturity of their Analytics solutions, the effectiveness and efficiency their planning processes, and how companies need to invest in FP&A to impact performance across the enterprise.


Join us as we review key survey themes including the current state of the union relative to FP&A processes and tactics, obstacles to FP&A success relative to technology, data, and culture, and what FP&A and Finance leaders need and want to optimize the strategic value that FP&A offers at their companies. We will share ten key survey results that are defining the evolution of FP&A, dissect results by company location, size, and annual revenue, and introduce an interactive visualization tool to analyze survey results in real-time.