"With Prophix giving us a full understanding of our financials and how they relate to decision making, we hold our people accountable."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

Cash flow planning with Prophix drives more accurate business decisions

Integrating a CPM solution with your transactional systems is the first step to realizing your planning and forecasting dreams. Doing so will enable you to not only accurately forecast your business, but also provide a comprehensive view into your company’s financial performance.

Prophix delivers the ability to better analyze your financial data. Understanding your financial performance along with your cash position will provide your executive team with the ability to properly time investments, ensure purchases are in alignment with organizational objectives and even positively impact relations with your bank. More importantly, organizations with greater visibility into their company’s financial health can quickly and easily track performance against plan, thus enabling course correction if required.

The benefits of integrating your transactional systems with a CPM solution have been proven time and time again with organizations around the world. The transformative nature of CPM software is in its cumulative effect. Address one area of your business and watch how automating your financial processes impact other areas of your business.