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how do finance functions keep pace?

The business world is changing faster than ever, and organisations are having to constantly reinvent themselves with never-before-seen levels of agility. And nowhere else is the impact of this being felt more acutely than in the office of finance, where your role and service expectations are evolving at record levels. But you know this, as you live it every day. The question is how do finance functions keep pace with this change? And more to the point how can they play a proactive role in driving it?

These are the very issues we will be addressing at this exclusive dinner discussion, along with:

  • Proactive steps you can take now to accelerate the journey to future finance
  • How you can benchmark your progress along the way
  • Gartner’s maturity model and the lessons it teaches us
  • Shared best practice from future finance leaders

With guest speakers from other finance leaders who are leading the charge.

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