Cash Flow Planning: Know Exactly Where Your Business Stands

Accurately Project Cash Flow

Managing cash flow can be a challenge for any company. You never know what orders will be placed, sales will close, or expenses will come up. Managing the flow of cash in and out of your business accounts is no easy task. Unless you’re using Prophix.

With Prophix, you have the power to accurately project your cash flow and monitor it down to the exact cent. You’ll never be in the dark about the state of your finances again. Discover how Prophix’s cash flow planning features give you an exhaustive view of your money management.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Checklist
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Prophix Cash Flow Planning: Simple, Agile, Accurate

Gain Comprehensive Financial Views

Coordinate With Ease

Each department has a role to play in your cash flow planning, but with siloed systems of the past, cross-departmental collaboration has been difficult. With Prophix, everyone has access to the same data and the ability to input their information quickly, avoiding error-prone manual processes.

Build Accurate Balance Sheets

Your balance sheets provide crucial insight into how much money your company actually has to spend. But, gathering information from numerous sources can be time-consuming and hard to organize. Using Prophix, you can easily collect and organize financial details from operational areas, allowing for a more detailed and accurate balance sheet forecast.

Gain Granular Insights

Your cash flow position changes daily, so you need multidimensional forecasts for a more comprehensive view of your business. With greater granularity and insight, you can better understand and report on the fluctuations in your cash flow.

Enhance Planning Capabilities

Tired of preparing a separate cash forecast based on short-term events? Prophix make this facet of cash flow planning simple and easy to integrate into your high-level cash flow plan. With a cash flow statement that is accurate, understandable, and accountable, you have the knowledge needed to make wise financial decisions.


Is the cash flow calculated, input or a mix of the two?

Prophix gives you a choice to decide which accounts are calculated and which are manually input. When cash flow is calculated, the formula is stored in Prophix and will remain consistent in all cashflow statements.

Does the cash flow result automatically populate the balance sheet?

Since information in Prophix is interconnected, changes in results can be updated automatically. If you do not want results automatically populated, you can set conditions in your workflow to prevent updates being pushed out until changes are approved.

Do you have a pre-built report for cash flow.?

Rather than providing pre-built reports that you will have to spend time modifying, you can quickly create your own reports, tailored to your exact needs, in less time. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create and apply report themes and templates, assuring all reports have a consistent look and feel.

"Doing a daily cash flow forecast is important for us as a new business. We want an understanding of what our cash flow is from day to day, as lots of commitments happen actually at certain days of the month. So, we need to know what they are. That’s really beneficial to us"


Explore All these Cash Flow Planning Features and More

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Using these cash flow planning features, you can address your forecasting needs and reap the added benefits of effective cash management. Understand the state of your cash flow at the exact minute you need to with Prophix.

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