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Is your team spending hours and hours creating reports, only to redo or update them shortly after they’ve been created?

Manually collecting, consolidating, and formatting data are tasks of the past. With Prophix, you can automate these processes and put time back into everyone’s schedules. Automated reporting and distribution capabilities do all the work for you.

Find out all the benefits you can reap from using Prophix to automate report creation.

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Prophix Automated Report Distribution: Easily Share Crucial Data with Stakeholders

How Much Time Can You Save?

Save Time
Automated reports take a number of tasks off your to-do list, like creating reports and sending them to stakeholders. You’ll increase productivity as you spend less time translating complex spreadsheets into a suitable printed report. When you use Prophix, you also reduce reliance on your IT department as you can perform these vital tasks yourself.

Create Reports that are Easily Understood
Not everyone in your company likes delving into complex spreadsheets to analyze data. With Prophix’s reports, you can create visual data representations that everyone in the company can easily analyze, drill-down, and compare to the transactional level. With these data insights, stakeholders can better understand the why behind outcomes.

Visually Represent Data
Prophix’s reporting tool allows you to create reports in standardized formats or by customized design. You can choose from a variety of pre-configured formats or design your own, saving time and ensuring reports are easy to understand.

Maintain Compliance
Reports play a key role in maintaining compliance with standards such as GAAP and IFRS. When you’re not properly reporting your financial data, your company could face the risk of major noncompliance fines. With Prophix, your reports can be created with a few clicks, and you’ll rest easy knowing your complying with crucial financial standards.

Improve Communication with Stakeholders.
When you can automate the distribution of reports to stakeholders, you save time and promote collaboration in your company. Easily get approvals and keep reports updated with current data points.



“Prior to implementing Prophix, we would spend at least 80 hours a month just generating and emailing reports. After those reports were generated and emailed, we spent many, many more hours analyzing data and pulling details for our users. At this point, I spend about three hours and month maintaining our data structures.”

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