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June 10, 2015

FEI Canada conference

FEI Canada’s annual national conference and exhibit forum is crucial in providing education to financial executives and business partners. Daily plenary sessions with thought provoking keynote speakers, combined with in-depth concurrent workshops provide a variety of educational opportunities for all members, while social functions each evening provide networking opportunities. The exhibit forum offers an opportunity for business members to present products, solutions and services to financial executive members, as well as to expand contacts and networks.


Hosted by: FEI
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June 11, 2015

WEBINAR: Budgeting Best Practices

Budgeting is done so frequently that it becomes rote and we don’t often look at ways to learn, innovate, and improve this core process. Join Gene Siciliano, a long-time CFO, as he walks through the most effective budgeting and budget management processes he has encountered in nearly four decades as a corporate finance leader and advisor. The entire budget “flow” will be discussed, from the strategic process to the budget process to the reporting and variance management that lives on throughout the year. Specific, implementable frameworks and examples will be used throughout along with best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

You’ll also hear from the finance leaders at Texas Association of School Boards (TASB): Charlee Lane, Accounting Manager / Project Manager, and Cheryl Clise, Internal Control Analyst / Finance System Architect. Charlee and Cheryl will explain how they identified the need to change their budgeting processes, and implemented Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software to automate them. They will detail their new processes and speak about the in-depth analysis they conduct with the time that they save and their newfound access to better information.

REGISTER NOW (Thursday, June 11, at 2pm ET/11am PT)

After attending this event you will be able to:

  1. List the main elements of the budget process from strategy to reporting.
  2. Recognize the key factors in impacting the budget process, how they interact, and how you can affect them positively.
  3. Identify the key players in the budgeting process along with their roles in getting the process to achieve its full potential.

About the speakers:

Gene Siciliano Gene Siciliano
President, Western Management Associates

Gene Siciliano is President of Western Management Associates, a nationally known consultancy to middle market companies in all industries, both private and public. His strategies, solutions and implementation support create increased financial visibility, profit improvement and enterprise value for his clients during their growth and exit stages.
Cheryl Clise Cheryl Clise
Internal Control Analyst, Texas Association of School Boards, Inc.

Cheryl Clise earned her MBA at Lakeland College. Prior to joining TASB, she worked as the Senior Internal Auditor for a Fortune 500 company. At TASB, she coordinates annual financial audits and internal control reviews, oversees security access for accounting systems, leads the organization’s risk assessments, reviews accounting processes, and develops and administers the budget system.
Charlee Lane Charlee Lane
Accounting Manager, Texas Association of School Boards, Inc.

Charlee Lane received her MBA from Lamar University. Previously, she worked as the Chief Financial Officer of a horticultural company. Her responsibilities at TASB include oversight of the budget process and payroll-related functions, internal and external financial reporting, data analysis, financial process improvement, as well as system development and administration.

REGISTER NOW (Thursday, June 11, at 2pm ET/11am PT)

Hosted by: Proformative
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June 14, 2015

Prophix User Conference

Join us in Newport Beach, California from June 14th to the 17th for Prophix’s annual User Conference.

 Connect Learn Share Grow Prophix User Conference


  • Raise your game! – Discover the latest trends and techniques in corporate performance management.
  • Shared knowledge – Network with Prophix users and subject matter experts 
  •  new agenda with compelling content: Learn how you can grow the ROI from your Prophix software solution 
  • Prophix academy hands-on training – Choose from a range of valuable courses to build your capabilities in no time
  • A chance to earn your *full* annual CPE requirements  – That's 20 CPE credits with training!
  • Work hard and play hard – Enjoy fun-filled evening events with great people, delicious food, and entertainment for all

Hosted by: Prophix Software
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June 17, 2015

Corporte Performance Management Summit - West

All of the key CPM challenges facing Finance Leaders will be dealt with through no holds barred discussions and presentations at this groundbreaking summit.

Hosted by: The Innovation Enterprise
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June 20, 2015

IMA's 96th Annual Conference

Let IMA help you navigate your career path with opportunities to stay current with the profession, to continue your professional and personal development, and to connect with industry leaders. Join us in Los Angeles to experience inspiring speakers including Prophix's CEO Paul Barber, create new contacts, and reconnect with peers in a dynamic, welcoming environment.

Hosted by: IMA
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June 24, 2015

WEBINAR: How to improve your manufacturing business’ performance by automating financial processes

Join Denise Feece, a senior finance leader in the manufacturing sector, as she shares her story about tapping into the power of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software to increase the effectiveness, and influence, of a growing Finance Department.

As a CPM software ‘power user,’ Denise provides first-hand advice to help you automate the financial processes that will result in a positive and measurable impact on your manufacturing business.

Denise shares how she was able to accomplish the following quickly and efficiently:

  • Automate financial reports and distribute them to key stakeholders in record time
  • Track plant production and forecast month end performance on a daily basis
  • Monitor warehouse activity against the company's timeclock system to generate maximum efficiency
  • Lead the company’s FP&A group to operate at peak performance, despite a 75% reduction in headcount
  • Generate journal entries that highlight plant variance amounts and automatically allocate those sums to areas of need, across multiple business units

Availability for this 60-minute webinar is limited, so reserve your spot now!

REGISTER NOW (Wednesday, June 24, at 2pm ET/11am PT)

About the speaker:

Denise Feece Denise Feece
Divisional Controller, Brock Grain Systems

Denise Feece has more than 15 years of experience in senior level finance positions in the manufacturing sector. The Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solution she developed during her time at Coleman Cable, Inc. helped the organization achieve new heights in financial and operational reporting, planning, and analysis. Moving from Director to Vice President within her department, her innovative work drove better data-driven decision making from the company’s executives.

REGISTER NOW (Wednesday, June 24, at 2pm ET/11am PT)

Hosted by: Prophix Software
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September 08, 2015

FP&A Innovation Summit - East

The FP&A Innovation Summit brings together the largest gathering of finance executives leading FP&A initiatives.

Hosted by: The Innovation Enterprise
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