Orchestrate important processes to involve participation from all relevant stakeholders

Financial budgeting and forecasting. Strategic and operational planning. Reporting and analysis. These important business processes require coordination between employees working in different departments—and sometimes those working in separate locations. To share information with others, do you often export data from an existing system, copy it to a spreadsheet, and then send it in an email?

When your company relies on sending emails, do notes and attachments get lost or appear out of context? Would your organization benefit from a centralized repository that collects valuable user input? These insights would allow you to explain variances and identify opportunities. But what kind of software tracks the flow of data and ensures that everyone accesses the right information?

Prophix’s Workflow Manager orchestrates important budgeting and planning processes to involve participation from all of the relevant users—directing them to their parts of important projects and making them accountable.


Spend less time emailing coworkers. Hear from all stakeholders and capture their input directly with the ability to add cell comments and notes

Reduce data duplication by using a single unified database to store supporting details that help to explain budgets or justify expenditures

Workflow functionality provides a full audit trail, tracking all activities of the software’s users

Use Workflow Manager to easily assign tasks to users and facilitate approvals from multiple stakeholders. Automated notifications regarding important due dates promote greater visibility of corporate activities. Instead of working in silos, everyone in the company can participate in the planning process and respond to changes in real-time

Prophix integrates with Microsoft SharePoint (allowing users to share information between both systems), reducing the learning curve and limiting expenses

Prophix web client provides real time access to important planning and reporting tasks from anywhere and on any device




"I know that our financial reports are 'rock solid' - they are always accurate and complete. I can say that with confidence because we use Prophix's software."

Spacesaver Corporation Steve Anderson - Controller
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"Prophix's software helps us make better, faster, and more reliable business decisions. At the same time, Prophix's on-going support is outstanding. Working with Prophix is like having our own secret weapon."

Trevor Booth Budget & GL Manager - Neogen Corporation
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"Prophix's software makes my life easier - pure and simple. It has the functionality that I need to do my day-to-day finance tasks and improves how we work as a Finance department."

Jason Norman Senior Financial Analyst - Park Dental/The Dental Specialists
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"Regardless of your business or the industry in which you operate, when you conduct strategic planning, turn to Prophix's software. It has proven itself to be a critical tool for me when making decisions that shape our organization's strategic direction."

Richard Pacheco II CPA, Vice President, Finance & Administration - AAA Northeast
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"Using Prophix to automate Hyundai's financial processes has allowed us to plan for our organization's needs as far as 5 years out. Rather than compiling reports, our analysts now provide value for the company by evaluating and understanding Hyundai's data with a clear view of what the information means for our company."

Hyundai Motor America Jim Carter - Finance Executive
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Coleman Cable
AAA Southern New England

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